maintaining your project's momentum

We enable companies to decide on and to execute projects in the U.S.

our services

We support companies wanting to establish or expand their operations into the USA by capital project decision-making, preparing the projects for execution, and carrying them out.
We help you navigate the differences in the technical, regulatory and organizational challenges to ensure your projects succeed.

project decision making

   “Doing the right thing at the right time”


Your capital projects represent the execution of your company’s strategy!

Good preparation guarantees a smooth performance later, with fewer surprises once you commit to your project.


We can assist in preparing you for a solid decision basis that transforms your ideas into reality.

trouble shooting

      “Bringing the project back on track”  


Swift and the right action follow once the root causes are clear. 


Our ability to cut through the chaos during a project crisis will help you to make the right decisions. 

project execution

                       “Getting it done” 


Good preparation during the decision-making process will now pay off with the ability to implement the project quickly and efficiently. 


MxV can support your team to streamline the project realization by setting up the project organization, permitting process, preparing contracting strategies, support the construction and commissioning process.

Trans-Atlantic Projects

“Overcoming differences”

  We support European companies wanting to expand their operations into the USA

Examples such as differences in rules and regulations between the EU and the USA to build and run a plant are overwhelmingly complex and can put the endeavor at risk. 


We will support you to navigate and translate the different rules and philosophies for peace of mind.

about us

A powerful team of senior advisors in the field of project management and engineering is ready to support you executing your company strategy.

industries we serve

Our cross-disciplinary industry experience allows us to cover a broad spectrum of diverse industries. 
Call us to find out how we are a good fit for your endeavor.

chemical industry

  • Ultra-pure chemistry and manufacturing processes
  • Recycling processes
  • Decentralized systems

Energy & Low Carbon
Emission Technology

  • Distributed Energy Generation
  • Waste-to-Energy technology
  • Hydrogen generation, distribution, storage, processing, and safety.
  • Carbon capturing technology

automotive industry

  • Automobile manufacturing site development
  • Battery and battery parts manufacturing and recycling plants