Mind the Gap! Pitfalls and Risks to Consider When Moving Production to the U.S.

Anyone who has traveled or lived in London will recognize the phrase “Mind the Gap!” The saying originates from the London Underground in which an automated announcement warns passengers to exercise caution as they prepare to cross the platform and board the adjacent train. The expression serves as an appropriate metaphor for European chemical, energy, […]

Comparison of German/European and US regulatory systems when building and running a production plant in the US

What are the issues commonly encountered by Investors and production plant owners when moving their manufacturing plant from Germany / Europe to the US?

This article represents the first in a series that shall provide you with a better understanding of the fundamental differences between both countries. My goal with this series is to enhance your awareness of the pros, cons, and risks of transitioning or commencing operations within the US.

We will start with the very basis of the drivers influencing cultural differences and personal interaction in solving technical problems.